Derivation in Middle English

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Gardner, Anne-Christine
Derivation in Middle English. Regional and Text Type Variation
Modern Language Society
Mémoires de la Société Néophilologique de Helsinki XCII
Vantaa 2014, 289 pp.
Focusing on deadjectival and denominal formations, this study traces developments in the frequenqy and productivity of twelve abstract-noun forming suffixes of Germanic and Romance origin on the basis of selected corpora, including the Linguistic Atlas of Early Middle English, the Middle English Grammar Corpus and the Penn-Helsinki Parsed Corpus of Middle English. The study reveals that during the period under investigation the suffixes are not differentiated semantically in a systematic manner; rather, the occurrence of a particular suffix can be influenced by stylistic factors such as rhyme or structural parallelism and generally reflects the suffix usage typical of a specific region and/or text type at a particular point in time.
ISBN 978-951-9040-48-6
ISSN 0355-0192
Kustantaja Uusfilologinen yhdistys - Nyfilologiska föreningen
Sarja Mémoires de la Société Néophilologique de Helsinki
Painovuosi 2014
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