Common Heritage

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Common Heritage. The multicultural heritage of Vyborg and its preservation
Edit. Netta Böök
ICOMOSin Suomen osasto
ICOMOS erllisjulkaisuja
Forssa 2015, 264 pp.
The town of Vyborg, located in Russia, has a rich and internationally valuable shared European architectural and archaeological heritage. In 2014, an international conference was held to discuss its multicultural values, to assess its state of protection and future
prospects as well as to explore the possibilities of international co-operation. The publication includes the presentations given by Russian and international experts on heritage, restoration and urban planning issues and the road map with guidelines for the protection and maintenance of the cultural heritage of Vyborg.
ISBN 978-952-67465-7-9
Kustantaja ICOMOSin Suomen osasto
Sarja ICOMOS erllisjulkaisuja
Painovuosi 2015
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Kielet englanti, venäjä
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