Challenging the Matthew Effect

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Lilja, Johanna
Challenging the Matthew Effect. International Exchange of Publications in Four Finnish Learned Societies until the Second World War
Finnish Society of Science and Letters
Commentationes Scientiarum Socialium 76
Sastamala 2012, 350 pp.
This book illustrates how the Finnish learned societies succeeded in their efforts to distribute their publications, to acquire foreign journals for their libraries and to link themselves into the international networks in a period of increasing scientific competition. The focus is on four societies: the Societas pro Fauna et Flora Fennica, the Finnish Literature Society, the Finnish Antiquarian Society and the Finnish Dental Society, which represent different branches of scholarship and also different strategies for promoting international networking. These societies were young, poor and geographically peripheral when they began their publishing activities ‒ hence constituting and interesting case from the viewpoint of the Matthew effect.
ISBN 978-951-653-391-2
ISSN 0355-256X
Kustantaja Finska Vetenskaps-Societeten - Suomen Tiedeseura
Sarja Commentationes Scientiarum Socialium
Painovuosi 2012
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