Atlas Florae Europaeae 15

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Atlas Florae Europaeae 15. Distribution of vascular plants in Europe. Rosaceae (Rubus)
Edited by Arto Kurtto, Heinrich E. Weber, Raino Lampinen & Alexander N. Sennikov on the basis of team-work of European botanists
Societas Biologica Fennica Vanamo. The Committee for Mapping the Flora of Europe
Sastamala 2010, Maps 3913-4708. 362 pp.
The present volume of Atlas Florae Europaeae (AFE) is the third of four devoted to the large, diversified family Rosaceae and consists of only one genus, Rubus. It breaks new ground in at least two respects. Firstly, the species-rich predominantly apomistic genus Rubus, has never before been mapped to such an extent on a European scale. Secondly, assistance from outside the Secretariat and the Finnish Consultative Committee was used in the editorial work to the extent that one of the editors was highly esteemed expert in Rubus, Professor Dr. Heinrich E. Weber. The preparation of the present volume followed the guidelines and principles adopted in Vol. 13, with the clarification of principles and amendment of the methods realized in Vol. 14. The mapping territories used on the maps of the present volume are the same as those used in Vol. 14. vol 1-15 270 €
ISBN 978-951-9108-16-2
Kustantaja Suomen Biologian Seura Vanamo
Sarja Atlas Florae Europaea
Painovuosi 2010
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