Atlas Florae Europaeae 14

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Atlas Florae Europaeae 14. Distribution of Vascular Plants in Europe. Rosaceae (Alchemilla and Aphanes)
Edited by Arto Kurtto, Sigurd E. Fröhner & Raino Lampinen on the basis of team-work of European botanists
Societas Biologica Fennica Vanamo. The Committee for Mapping the Flora of Europe
Vammala 2007, Maps 3557-3912. 200 pp.
The present volume of Atlas Florae Europaeae is the second of four devoted to the large and diversified family Rosaceae and consists of only two genera, Alchemilla and Aphanes. For the first time, specified definitions and instructions for use of all the status categories are given in the present volume to gain more stabilized and appropriate usage of the mapping symbols. In addition, two new mapping symbols are introduced, denoting the status categories 'probably extinct introduction' and 'extinct introduction' for long-persistent occurrences of neophytes probably or certainly destroyed by human activities. The mapping territories have changed in two details, i.e. Luxembourg and Malta are now recognized as separate territories . vol 1-15 270 €
ISBN 978-951-9108-15-5
Kustantaja Suomen Biologian Seura Vanamo
Sarja Atlas Florae Europaea
Painovuosi 2007
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