Atlas Florae Europaeae 13

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Atlas Florae Europaeae 13. Distribution of Vascular Plants in Europe. Rosaceae (Spiraea to Fragaria, excl. Rubus)
Edited by Arto Kurtto, Raino Lampinen & Leo Junikka on the basis of team-work of European botanists
Societas Biologica Fennica Vanamo & The Committee for Mapping the Flora of Europe
Vammala 2004, 320 pp., 286 map
The present volume is the first of four devoted to Rosaceae. The two largest genera (Potentilla and Rosa) treated in the volume are notorious for their taxonomical complexity. The problems related to facultative apomixis, the analogous reproduction of many roses, known as Caninae meiosis, and ancient and recent hybridization have resulted in exceptionally sublte variation and widely diverging classifications. Consequently, an unusually large proportion of the maps in this volume must be regarded as provisional, and an increased number of collective maps is inevitable. vol 1-15 270 €
ISBN 951-9108-14-9
Kustantaja Suomen Biologian Seura Vanamo
Sarja Atlas Florae Europaeae
Painovuosi 2004
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