Annales Zoologici Fennici 2020:1-6

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Annales Zoologici Fennici 2020:1-6
Editor-in-Chief Anssi Vainikka
Suomen eläin- ja kasvitieteen julkaisutoimikunta
s.l. 2020, 235 pp.
Includes the following articles among others: Mulio, S. Å. & Cherrill,A., Re-establishment of Auchenorrhyncha (Hemiptera) assemblages following heath and grassland habitat creation on lowland farmland; Dong. Y., Xi, X.. Chen, H., Yang Y. & Sun, S., A protocol to identify the host of parasitoids by DNA barcoding of vestigial tissues; Laakkonen, J. & Jernvall, J., Muscles of mastication and the temporomandibular joint of the Saimaa (Pusa hispida saimensis) and Baltic (Pusa hispida botnica) ringed seals; Redlisiak, M., Mazur,A. & Remisiewicz, M., Size dimorphism and sex determination in the song thrush (Turdus philomelos) migrating through the southenr Baltic coast; Komonen.A., Nirhamo,A. & Torniainen J.,Social wasps (Vespinae) in urban gardens and woods; Hua. Y., Vitekere, K., Wang, J.,Zhu,M.,Zamaî, M. & Jiang, G., Coexistence of sympatric carnivores in a relatively homogenous landscape and the effects of environmental factors on site occupation; Lopera-Toro,A., Chamorro, W. & Cupello, M., Ateuchus tona (Coleoptera : Scarabaeidae), a new dung beetle species from the Colombian Andes and new species records for the country; Moi, D.A., García-Ríos, R.. Hong, Z.,Daquila, B. V. & Mormul, R. P., Intermediate disturbance hypothesis in ecology: a literature review; Räsänen. E., Lindström. L. & Ketola. T., Environmental fluctuations drive species' competitive success in experimental invasions; Németh.A., Csorba. G.. Laczkó, L.. Mizsei, E., Bereczki, J.,Pásztor J. A., Petró P. & Sramkó, G., Multi-locus genetic identification of a newly discovered population reveals a deep genetic divergence in European blind mole rats (Rodentia: Spalacidae: Nannospalax).
ISSN 0003-455X
Kustantaja Suomen eläin- ja kasvitieteen julkaisutoimikunta
Sarja Annales Zoologici Fennici
Painovuosi 2020
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