Annales Academiae Scientiarum Fennicae. Mathematica 45:1

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Annales Academiae Scientiarum Fennicae. Mathematica 45:1
Ed. Olli Martio
Suomalainen Tiedeakatemia
Helsinki 2020, 606 pp.
Includes the following articles, among others: Jaroslaw Kwapisz, Conformal dimension via p-resistance: Sierpinski carpet; Shuan Tang, and Pengcheng Wu, A note on quasisymmetric homeomorphisms; Shohei Nakamura, Yoshihiro Sawano, and Hitoshi Tanaka, Weighted local Morrey spaces; Przemyslaw Górka, and Tomasz Kostrzewa, A second look of Sobolev spaces on metrizable groups; Gongbao Li, Yahui Niu, and Chang-Lin Xiang, Local uniqueness of multi-peak solutions to a class of Kirchhoff equations; John M. Mackay, and Alessandro Sisto, Quasi-hyperbolic planes in relatively hyperbolic groups; David Cruz-Uribe, Kabe Moen, and Hanh Van Nguyen, A new approach to norm inequalities on weighted and variable Hardy spaces; Tiantian Guan, Manzi Huang, and Xiantao Wang, An extension property of quasimöbius mappings in metric spaces; Anders Björn, Jana Björn, and Ismail Mirumbe, The quasisuperminimizing constant for the minimum of two quasisuperminimizers in Rn; Nenad Teofanov, and Joachim Toft; Pseudo-differential calculus in a Bargmann setting; Evgeny Sevost'yanov, and Sergei Skvortsov, On mappings whose inverses satisfy the Poletsky inequality; Yoshihiro Mizuta, and Tetsu Shimomura, Boundary growth of Sobolev functions for double phase functionals; Patrizia Di Gironimo, and Flavia Giannetti, Higher integrability of minimizers of degenerate functionals in Carnot–Carathéodory spaces; Jorge Clarke, and Christian Olivera, Local Lp-solution for semilinear heat equation with fractional noise; Stuart A. Burrell, and Jonathan M. Fraser, The dimensions of inhomogeneous self-affine sets; Rui Albuquerque, Self-duality and associated parallel or cocalibrated G2 structures; Xing Fu, Tao Ma, and Dachun Yang, Real-variable characterizations of Musielak–Orlicz Hardy spaces on spaces of homogeneous type; Emma D'Aniello, Laurent Moonens, and Joseph M. Rosenblatt, Differentiating Orlicz spaces with rare bases of rectangles; Haibo Chen, and Weihong Xie, Existence and multiplicity of normalized solutions for the nonlinear Chern–Simons–Schrödinger equations; Aimo Hinkkanen, Katsuya Ishizaki, Ilpo Laine, and Kin Y. Li, Complex oscillation of solutions of a third order ode; Andrea Olivo, and Pablo Shmerkin, Maximal operators for cube skeletons; Risto Korhonen, Kazuya Tohge, Yueyang Zhang, and Jianhua Zheng, A lemma on the difference quotients; Blanca F. Besoy, Fernando Cobos, and Luz M. Fernández-Cabrera, Associate spaces of logarithmic interpolation spaces and generalized Lorentz–Zygmund spaces, Vasiliki Evdoridoui, David Martí-Pete, and David J. Sixsmith, Spiders' webs in the punctured plane; Eleftherios N. Nikolidakis, A sharp integral inequality for the dyadic maximal operator and a related stability result; Emilia Blåsten and Esa V. Vesalainen, Non-scattering energies and transmission eigenvalues in Hn; Juan Manue Burgos, and Alberto Verjovsky, Teichmüller theory of the universal hyperbolic lamination; Artūras Dubickas, Small discs containing conjugate algebraic integers.
ISSN 1239-629X
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Sarja Annales Academiae Scientiarum Fennicae. Mathematica
Painovuosi 2020
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