Action, Value and Metaphysics

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Action, Value and Metaphysics. Proceedings of the Philosophical Society of Finland Colloquium 2018
Ed. Jaakko Kuorikoski & Teemu Toppinen
Suomen Filosofinen Yhdistys - Filosofiska Föreningen i Finland
Acta Philosophica Fennica 94
Helsinki 2018, 189 pp.
The articles in this collection are based on presentations given at the 2018 colloquium of the Philosophical Society of Finland held in Helsinki on 11-12 January 2018. This colloquium represented in certain ways, a break from a long tradition. While the annual colloquiums of the society have, in the past been built around a "one word" theme (e.g., truth or virtue), and included talks given only in Finnish or in Swedish, this time the objective was an open, general, and rigorously refereed conference in which philosophers could disseminate and discuss their best work. It was also decided that the conference presentations could also be given in English, not only to attract contributors beyond our borders, but most of all to better reflect and serve the diversifying Finnish philosophy. This collection is a result of open call for papers and presents a sample of current philosophical work in Finland, with topics ranging from collective responsibility to philosophy of action and from metaphysics to metaethics.

JAAKKO KUORIKOSKI is an associate professor in New Social Research at the University of Tampere.
TEEMU TOPPINEN is a university researcher in practical philosophy at the University of Helsinki.
ISBN 978-951-9264-89-9
ISSN 0355-1792
Kustantaja Suomen Filosofinen Yhdistys - Filosofiska Föreningen i Finland
Sarja Acta Philosophica Fennica
Painovuosi 2018
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