Across the Oceans

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Laakso, Seija-Riitta
Across the Oceans. Development of Overseas Business Information Transmission 1815–1875
Finnish Literature Society
Studia Fennica. Historica 13
Tampere 2007, 459 pp.
In the early 19th century, the only way to transmit information was to send letters across the oceans by sailing ships or inland by horse and coach. The book explains how the rate of information circulation increased many times over as mail systems were developed. Nevertheless, regional differences were huge. While improvements on the most significant trade routes between Europe, the Americas and East India were considered crucial, distant places such as California or Australia had to wait for gold rush to become important enough for regular communications. The growth of passenger services, especially for emigrants, also increased the number of mail sailings.
ISBN 978-951-746-904-3
ISSN 1458-526X
Kustantaja Suomalaisen Kirjallisuuden Seura
Sarja Studia Fennica: historica
Painovuosi 2007
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