100 Faces from Finland

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100 Faces from Finland. A Biographical Kaleidoscope
Edited by Ulpu Marjomaa. Translated by Roderick Fletcher
Finnish Literature Society
Studia Biographica 2
Vammala 2000, 625 pp.
100 Faces from Finland contains a selection of significant individuals who, in their own spheres of life, have made important contributions to the development of Finnish society. The collection contains in equal numbers persons prominent for their contributions to society and representatives of the arts and sciences. The summit of political life is represented by the Presidents of the Republic, the less exalted ranks of society by church builders and hunters. Cultural figures known to an international public – from the architect Alvar Aalto to the composer Jean Sibelius or from the painter Helene Schjerfbeck to the glass artist Tapio Wirkkala – are also presented in the book.
ISBN 951-746-215-8
ISSN 1456-2138
Kustantaja Suomalaisen Kirjallisuuden Seura
Sarja Studia Biographica
Painovuosi 2000
Julkaisun kansi Kovakantinen
Sidontatapa Sidottu
Kielet englanti
Tieteenalat Henkilöhistoria, Kulttuurihistoria, Yhteiskuntahistoria
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