Baltic Area in British Policy 1918–1921

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Hovi, Olavi
The Baltic Area in British Policy 1918–1921
Finnish Historical Society
Studia Historica 11
1980, 231 pp.
The unprecedented upheaval and change caused by World War I in the Baltic region left the area in troubled and unsettled state, in which the victors, including Britain, strove to achieve as advantageous a position as possible for themselves.
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ISBN 951-9254-27-7
ISSN 0081-6493
Förläggare Suomalaisen Kirjallisuuden Seura
Serier Studia Historica
Tryckt (år) 1980
Publikationens omslag Mjuk pärm
Bandtyp Häftad
Språk engelska
Vetenskapsgrenar Historia, Geografi, Politologi
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